Best UPS For PC Under 3000 in India 2022

This article will give us correct answers for the questions like what is the best ups for pc? and which ups are good for pc?. The solution is Best Desktop UPS Under 3000 Rs that keep safe PC components from getting damaged.

Best UPS For PC Under 3000 in India 2022

If you want to invest your money in a good UPS for your personal computer then the list will help you a lot. ups is a very important accessory if we are working from home, for freelancers, PC gamers, content creators, and desktop PCs because it provides power backup in case of any power failure and emergencies.

Best UPS For PC Under 3000 in India 2022

UPS is an electrical device to prevent losing your computer data by providing battery backup on power surges. Most of the professionals have already lost their unsaved work due to the sudden power cut.

Emerson Liebert CX 600 VA Line Interactive UPS

The best PC UPS below 3k offers an uninterrupted overall performance to the home equipment which is related to it such as the LED, LCD, non-public computers, printers, etc.

The best Desktop UPS inverter comes with 600 VA power capacity and a pure sine waveform and this is a new technology that gives Simulated power to the device and protects from fluctuations, overpowers, and more.

  • Recharge time – 6 hours
  • Backup time – 10 to 15 minutes
  • Waveform – Sinewave
  • UPS type – Line interactive
  • Output power – 600 VA
  • Auto-restart, AVR for voltage stabilization
  • Off-mode charging

APC UPS (BR1000G-IN) 1 KVA Battery Backup

This APC UPS gives extended runtime, sufficient enough to complete your pending work before finally shutting down your computer during extended power failures.

This 1 KVA UPS can address almost all your power issues like mobile charging, printing, etc.

The Power Chute software let you automatically save your data in case of low battery conditions.

In order to use this feature, you’ll need to connect the UPS and PC using the USB cable that comes with the UPS system.

  • Extended runtime
  • Automatic voltage regulation & customization
  • Lifetime equipment protection
  • 8 outlet ports for connectivity

V Guard UPS Sesto 600

The battery has 4400 Watt-hours worth of battery supply, which translates to about 600 VA. At full charge condition, the UPS can provide 10 – 15 minutes of battery when used for multiple concurrent devices. Alongside all these features, the V Guard UPS Sesto 600 also comes with 24 months of warranty.

  • rand – V Guard
  • Battery Capacity – 600 VA
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Wattage – 300 Watts
  • Audio Wattage – 300 Watts

Microtek 1000VA UPS, High Performace UPS

It protects your system in case of electric surges, fluctuation, and short circuits. When an overload issue or short-circuit happens, it deactivates the power output to your computer and keeps your systems safe.

It always stables the power output (230 V) and protects your computer. Your computer can work in a versatile range (135v-330V) without the issue of low or high voltage.

  • High-performance
  • Optimal voltage output
  • Long backup support
  • Efficient Power Unit

Ball Nirantar 621i UPS

iBall has been a known and trusted brand for a long time and offers a great variety of gadgets, let us talk about its UPS and the features that make it worthy of this list. This UPS is a 600VA Line-interactive design UPS which has an automatic voltage regulator for boost and buck.

It has 60 Watt-hour battery which weighs around 100 grams and the complete UPS weighs around 4.14 Kg which makes it a lightweight UPS. Also, this product has 33 percent faster recharging which gives the users electrifying recharge speed.

Luminous 600va UPS

This Luminous 600va UPSanother best ups for low budget and this is the best ups under ₹2000 also because it provides good power support to your computer. Apart from providing power support, the ups also takes care that your machine receives a constant power supply without any surges.

The recharge time of this ups is 8 hours and it weighs around 7 kg.

  • It has really good looks.
  • It has good battery.

Best UPS For PC Under 3000 (FAQ):

Which UPS is best for PC?

S. No. UPS Price
1. APC 600VA UPS (BX600C-IN) Rs. 2,999
2. ZEBRONICS 600VA UPS (Zeb-U725) Rs. 2,299

Which UPS brand is best?

Best Budget UPS System—APC Back-UPS with Surge Protection.

Is it safe to run PC without UPS?

How can I run a PC without ups? UPS is for emergency power supply for saving necessary files in power cuts. So it is not necessary to use UPS at the cost of data loss which is unsaved during power cut.

Which is the best online UPS?

1 Zebronics Zeb-U725 1,999

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UPS stands for uninterrupted power supply, and it is a very powerful and user-friendly system that can provide power backup if the main power supply fails. Check here the guide to buying the right UPS for your computer.

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