Best UPS For Computer Under 2000 in India

Hello Dear Readers in this article, you will check out Best UPS For Computer Under 2000 in India, UPS stands for Uninterrupted Power Supply that delivers stored power to the system after power loss. This is its main objective.

we have curated an extensive list of the best UPS in India to help you compare and pick the most reliable one as per your budget and requirements.

UPS is required to save the computer in case of a power cut. Certain Indian states experience very frequent power cuts and this might damage their electronic appliances like TV, computers, and PlayStations.

Best UPS For Computer Under 2000

Best UPS For Computer Under 2000 in India

we are going to share the Best UPS Under Rs 2000 for your PC/Desktop. If you are using pc/desktop then am sure you already know about the uses of UPS.

Zebronics ZEB-U725 UPS

Best UPS For Computer Under 2000

The cheapest and still the best seller on Amazon, Zebronics ZEB is the king of budget UPS.
This UPS comes with a 2-year warranty. For the first year, it will be on-site but for the second year, you will have to walk-in to their store. The warranty on the battery is only one year though.

The only disadvantage with this UPS is its constant beeping. It also supports sleep mode charging.
The overall features are well suited for Indian conditions.

  • Very Price Effective
  • It can be used with 4K TV
  • Generator is compatible.

iBall Nirantar UPS 622

Best UPS For Computer Under 2000

It has a single LED indicator that you can use to signify different modes, from charging to sleep to malfunction. It also has a beeping alarm that notifies the user about any malfunctions and low charge.

  • Brand – iBall
  • Battery Capacity – 600 VA
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Wattage – 360 Watts
  • Audio Wattage – 360 Watts
  • Special Features – Line-interactive UPS, Boost and Buck AVR, Multiple LED indications

Luminous Pro 600

Best UPS For Computer Under 2000

The Luminous Pro 600 comes from the house of one of the best UPS brands in India. The Pro 600 is designed thoughtfully for domestic usage with a decent full recharge time of 8 hours.

It also has an LED indicator that you can use to determine which UPS is playing.

  • Brand – Luminous
  • Battery Capacity – 600 VA
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Wattage – 360 Watts
  • Audio Wattage – 360 Watts

Foxin 600VA/360Watt 

Best UPS For Computer Under 2000

600VA/360W Capacity: Designed for exceptional usability, the line-interactive UPS with a load capacity of 1kVA/600Watt provides users with optimal PC Power backup for up to 30 minutes.

Battery Overload Protection: Provides protection of connected equipment from Electrical surges, Voltage fluctuations, and Short Circuits.

Cold-Start Functionality: Provides temporary battery Power when the utility Power (Input Power) is off. Boost & Buck AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation): With AVR Technology, instead of going to battery during high/low input voltages, the unit increases (BOOST) or reduces (TRIM) the voltage to a safe operating range.

APC Back-UPS BX1100C-IN UPS System

Best UPS For Computer Under 2000

APC BX1100C-IN UPS comes with a load capacity of 660 Watts. This UPS includes a 2×7.2Ah battery that provides 30 – 90 min back-up time. The dimensions of this best UPS for pc are 36 x 20 x 37 cm (LxWxH) and the weight is 9.83 kg.

APC Back-UPS BX1100C-IN UPS System, An ideal Power Backup & Protection for Home Office, Desktop PC & Home Electronics.

  • Offers five 6A, 2/3 Pin power socket
  • Provides battery failure notification
  • Visual indicators for unit and power status

Best UPS For Computer (FAQ):

Which UPS is best for computers?

1. APC 600VA UPS (BX600C-IN) Rs. 2,999
2. ZEBRONICS 600VA UPS (Zeb-U725) Rs. 2,299
3. V-GUARD 600VA UPS (SESTO 600) Rs. 2,600

Which UPS brand is best?

  • APC Back-UPS with Surge Protection.
  • Best Small Uninterruptible Power Supply 1500VA

Is 600 VA UPS enough?

A 600 VA UPS is good for about 400 watts maximum. You will always be pushing the limits of the UPS. You will be better served by a 1000 VA UPS or larger.

Which is best online UPS?

S No. Product Name Price (in INR)
1 Zebronics Zeb-U725 1,999
2 APC Back-UPS BX600C-IN 3,649

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UPS stands for uninterrupted power supply, and it is a very powerful and user-friendly system that can provide power backup if the main power supply fails. Check here the guide to buying the right UPS for your computer.

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